El Chapo in New York Cocktail

"El Chapo in New York," is a twist on a traditional margarita that we've been serving at merge for many years.

Photography By Alexandra Privitera | June 01, 2017


1) Slap 2 pieces of mint between your palms to release the natural oils without crushing the fibers of the leaves (this adds flavor without bitterness, as opposed to traditional muddling), then add them to your shaker.

2) Add tequila, lime and shrub.

3) Fill shaker with fresh ice.

4) Shake until the shaker gets frosty.

5) Pour into a rocks glass. You can add salt to the rim of your glass, or just sprinkle in a little sea salt for a more mouthwatering drink.

6) Add a splash of soda water if desired.

Serves 1

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